Sunday, 11 April 2010

Beach Wonderful Beeeeach!

Well, as promised, some Beach Pictures will be uploaded soon. Soon, as in, when we get back today, cuz MM didnt bring the camera cable. Duh, her. Unfortunately, we are returning back to Cotgrave, and not even a last run on the beach! :O Just sat watching those bloody diggers for an hour...They've ruined the grassy areas where I used to run, so we're only aloud down to the beach for a run, which, I must say, is rather tiring, especially when your carrying a stone/stick in your mouth! :D

I'll post a blog named "Photos" and place them ALL in there. Every single one from our 3 day holiday in the new caravan. Brilliant. :D

Ellie x

Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Early Dog catches the Bone!

Well, I woke up rather early this morning and decided to wake up MM's sister and her sisters daughter! ;D These are picsd of me. I also nicked MM's sisters little kid's socks! There are also pics of that! I'm having fun, the weather is absolutely beautiful up to now, so hopefully I can import (the posh word for upload) pics of the beach and me running about! I've got a few 'morning pics' of me looking as cute as ever (well, duhh) and me with the Zebra Sock!
Ellie xxx
P.S More pics of my beach walkies later1

Friday, 9 April 2010

Safe & Sound

Well, we left for Skegness @ 3.10 and arrived at 5.45...Stopped twice (once for a McDonalds and the second for a drink) and we arrived Safe & Sound! Got here and got taken for a walk down the beach, I gave the old buggar (Tess) a burst of energy by winding her up. Found a stick and carried it home..I was only off leash about 3 times! Got to run down the bank (the hilly bit of grass which leads to the beach) and back, but...I wasnt aloud in the sea! *Rolls eyes* Something about the caravan beeing new. And you'd never guess what?! They have dug all the bit up near the pond, and it looks AWFUL! I mean, they've ruined it... Tut, tut, tut. Shame on then. They're re-grassing it to make it look better...Personally, I think that they should have left it.

Been playing for a while...I'm a bit tired. But, hey, nothing to stop a young dog like me playing like I doooo!
Anyways, I'll catch up with you later and (hopefully) post some pics. If not, when we come back!

Elz x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Hi Bloggers & Blogettes

Well, its my new blog, so as you do, I will introduce myself. My name is Miss Ellie Barkz and I am a 4 year old Staffie, or Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I live in Nottinghamshire with my 14 year old Staff sister, Tess. Yes, I know, 14 years is unbelieveable, but she's still going strong.

I live with 2 owners who refer to themselves as Marvelous Mum and Dopey Dad. I call them MM & DD, so I don't have to hang my head in shame... I shouldn't have to live with called them Mum and Dad, so, its appropriate. My MM and DD own a caravan in Skegness which we visit rather often, so plenty of pics of the beach for all the blogging gals and guys out there!

I'll catch up with you later....

Ellie x